Video: BJ Penn Fights Tomorrow So Respect the Legend By Watching His Entire Documentary Right Now

I could write a Master’s dissertation on BJ Penn’s career. A year ago almost to this day, I got Lost in Penn’s career trying to understand just why in the world he would ever return. The fact of the matter is, why makes no difference in the world. This is just what BJ Penn does. He eats SPAM®, grows Taro for poi, guards The Island, and he fights. He’ll fight until he says it’s done. Even then, he’s probably not. You can’t remove the quack from a duck without killing it, and BJ Penn without fighting just isn’t alive.

The problem is, you can’t read about Penn’s career. You have to live it just like he did. Unless you can find the light of the Island and turn a magical wheel that for some reason shifts timelines, you can’t go back and experience Penn’s career all over again. Sure, there are YouTube videos, but it’s just not the same. Instead, fry up some canned meat, slip on some slick board shorts, and watch Penn’s documentary in full before his return at UFC Phoenix.
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