BJ Penn claims he is more violent than ever

If you are in prison and getting prepared to give a speech before the parole board defending your request for an early release, it is probably not a good idea to walk in and tell them you are ‘as violent than ever’. Obvious advice is obvious, but it never hurts to remind any of our incarcerated readers how to work the system. We care about all of our readers here at, even those of you reading the site in your 8×8 cell via a smuggled in contraband cellphone. Thankfully BJ Penn is not incarcerated, so he doesn’t have to worry about admitting that his propensity for violent behavior has risen exponentially.

In this footage captured by Fight Hub TV during open media workouts, BJ let’s everyone know he is  ‘older but as violent as ever’. Now I can’t stop inserting that quote into Notorious BIG’s song ‘One More Chance’ and picturing BJ Penn going off BIGGIE style in a giant oversized Coogi sweater rapping, “Heart throb never, old and violent as ever, I stay Coogi down to the socks…” Well then, now we all need to erase ithe images in our heads of BJ Penn wearing really ugly sweaters and rapping. So check out the video of the chat media had with BJ during open media workouts yesterday and instead focus on the new image in your brain of you reaching out and squeezing BJ’s extra puffy cauliflower ear. [source]

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