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Bisping says he will beat Wanderlei by showing him no respect

Bisping says he will beat Wanderlei by showing him no respect

When I lived in England I had an Irish friend that tried to stop drinking forever. Yeah, that minute went by fast. We used to go to Manchester and front like we were traveling surfers. Some chicks bought it, others just called us out on being a couple of idiots. Let me fix that. A lot of chicks called us out on being idiots. In all the nights of roaming the streets of Manchester, I never ran into Micheal Bisping. Dude has more important things to do besides stalking the chippies at 3am in the morning. Important things like telling The Daily Telegraph exactly how he will beat Wanderlei Silva at UFC 110.

‘The way to beat Wanderlei is to go out there and show him no respect. Rampage did exactly that and he blasted Wanderlei out of there inside a round. If you give Wanderlei too much respect, he’ll chew you up and spit you out.’

I’m taking this fight because I know I can beat Silva and because I want to keep moving towards a UFC title shot. I’m living, eating and sleeping Wanderlei Silva right now. Like Rampage did 13 months ago, I’m going to crush ‘The Axe Murderer’

I don’t think I will ever live to see the day when I can say ‘I will crush The Axe Murderer’ and a newspaper will publish it. Damn, that’s something that will forever be bucket listed. [Source]

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