Bisping is sure that Ubercung isn’t on drugs, probably.

A jacked Cung Le with Snakes on a Plane level vascularity has been flexing on Instagram, and Michael Bisping is totally okay with it, maybe.

In an interview with MMA Junkie, the gracious Englishman explained that he has no problem with Cung’s sudden transformation. His son has concerns, but he’s set the lad straight.   

“I have seen this picture that is making the rounds on the Internet, and my son actually emailed it to me and said, ‘Dad, are you sure Cung Le isn’t on (testosterone-replacement therapy)?’” Bisping said. “And I laughed. It’s funny how his genetics seem to have kicked in at 42. I’m sure he trained hard his entire life, but he never had a physique like he has now in his 20s or his 30s. But he’s got there in his 40s.”

“Now, who knows? Maybe he’s just really applied himself. I hope that’s the case. I hope he doesn’t piss hot on Saturday night. That would throw the whole fight into disrepute. I’m sure he has. A lot of people aren’t sure whether or not he did (use performance-enhancing drugs). I’m sure he didn’t. I’m sure he did it the old-fashioned way, and I certainly hope so.”

Thankfully, Bisping is sure that Cung is natural. Yes, he worries Le might test positive, and he questions this surprise Bruce Banner pattern of body development that appears to defy the rules of physiology. But he is sure that Le isn’t using drugs. 

It is so sweet when Bisping plays nice, isn’t it?

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