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Michael Bisping Hits Out At ‘Little Cockroach’ Joshua Fabia For Diego Sanchez Remarks

Fabia made a number of unsubstantiated claims about Sanchez's private life after the pair stopped working with each other.

Michael Bisping Hits Out At ‘Little Cockroach’ Joshua Fabia For Diego Sanchez Remarks

Michael Bisping didn’t appreciate Joshua Fabia’s recent comments about Diego Sanchez one bit.

It was recently revealed that after a near two-year relationship, Sanchez had finally parted ways with the controversial Fabia which led to celebrations in the combat sports world.

However, Fabia not only claimed afterward that it was him who cut all ties, but also revealed a number of unsubstantiated claims about Sanchez’s personal life including that he had drug and sexual abuse issues in addition to being broke.

When Bisping came across those comments, he had no choice but to rip into Fabia while speaking on his personal podcast.

“He’s come out and he’s talking bad about his character, he’s saying he has substance abuse issues, he’s saying that he’s broke, he’s making out that he’s a bad father, this guy really, really went off the deep end,” Bisping said (via MMA Fighting). “It’s absolutely disgusting, it’s just shocking.

“He’s sitting there, he’s trying to be passive-aggressive, he’s talking about basically saying that [Diego’s] got a one-bedroom apartment but he’s got a child, so he’s making little connotations there about him as a father, which is disgusting,” Bisping said. “He’s talking about substance abuse issues and if he has a problem—Again, that’s disgusting. That’s private information between them two, never gonna share that. Talking stuff about him having special education needs and things like that, I don’t know.

“What this guy did to Diego’s career and to end up losing him his job and then for him now to come out and talk all this sh*t when Diego was so loyal to him and had his back and even cut off members of his own family and lost his place in the UFC that he had for a long time. And for him to come out there, do this, so quickly as well? It just shows this guy is a real piece of sh*t.”

Bisping Hopes Fabia Fades Into Obscurity

Whether Fabia’s comments are true or not, the good thing is that he is no longer an influence in Sanchez’s life as most would agree he’s been far from having a positive impact on his career.

And given that Sanchez was his only major student, with these recent developments, Bisping can only hope that Fabia fades into obscurity where nobody will talk about him any longer.

“The thing is for Joshua Fabia, the reality is this interview will probably be one of the last ones that he does because no one cares about Joshua Fabia,” Bisping added. “He doesn’t have a position in the UFC, he hasn’t fought, he hasn’t earned anybody’s respect. Joshua Fabia is a con artist. He’s a f*cking little cockroach. He’s a little sh*t that needs terminating.

“That f*cking video of Diego hanging upside down with him kicking him, guy’s out of his mind. There was one time before one of his fights the commission comes in and he was talking about this ‘one-inch death punch’ that he’s taught to Diego and you know, the commission wanted to see it but he couldn’t show it to the commission and all this type of stuff, and then now today in one of the interviews he’s talking about how the commission was asking Diego to throw fights. I forget the exact words of it all, but the guy’s out of his mind, the guy’s an absolute fool.”

Hopefully, that ends up being the case and no other fighter decides to seek Fabia’s wisdom.

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