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Bigfoot Silva plans to use psychological warfare against Alistair Overeem

Bigfoot Silva plans to use psychological warfare against Alistair Overeem

This morning, I had a bowl of performance-enhancing cereal. It didn’t stop me from falling right back to sleep moments after I ate it. Gloomy weather on the East Coast is a depressant, and there’s nothing in existence that can help people cope with it. Even using psychological warfare against the weather is pointless. Mother nature is no match for science, nutritious breakfasts, or uplifting drugs. It certainly doesn’t care if you meditate or beat a fancy drum, the clouds will keep coming in any direction they want.

The same can be said for Alistair Overeem. The dude was the Dream heavyweight champion, Strikeforce heavyweight champion, and K-1 champion heavyweight tournament champion. He is also the linear UFC heavyweight champion and an official MiddleEasy-approved Frate Trane, looking to unify the linear title with the actual UFC title. In our humble opinion, it’s going to be hard to stop him.

Fortunately, Ubereem’s suspension is almost over, and all he has to do is get through Bigfoot Silva to fight for a shot at the UFC heavyweight title. While fans may have mixed feelings about this match, perhaps Bigfoot’s use of psychological warfare against the Reem might spice things up a bit in this SporTV interview.

They improved his technical part (of Overeem), gave him strength, gave muscles, but no one gives a thing because you’re born with it, which is the fighter’s spirit, a warrior’s heart. This no one teaches, no one can give you that. Then, we go to him I know that at the time that the he gets pressured, he’ll take a break back and will think better. When he is beating he is a lion, but when you enter a hand on him, when business begins to tighten, he becomes a cat. Let’s work this psychological work we aim to make this a good fight.

Alistair Overeem’s camp could not be reached for comment, but they usually call us back. We’re hoping they say that Alistair will make like the weather and ignore Bigfoot’s psychological warefare. Not because it’s nonsense, but because if Alistair Overeem says that it is, it’d make for a great story, and we’re all about great stories. It gets us as giddy about fights as you guys get about an upcoming episodes of the Walking Dead.

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