Bigfoot Silva has some choice words for Josh Barnett

If you follow me on Twitter you will know of all of the exciting ‘live Tweeting’ I do at the events I’m attending. Examples of my ‘live Tweeting’ include my observations of Matt Hughes removing a string from the sleeve of his jacket and staring at it in awe, the incredible sight of Bigfoot Silva placing a tiny cell phone to his ear, Stephen Quadros’ thoughts on organized crime leaders sticking pistols down the throats of band leaders from the 50’s, and last March I ‘live Tweeted’ updates of one of the most awkward displays of faux disinterest since since Lew Polley and JDS met at a TUF wrap party: Josh Barnett and Bigfoot Silva sitting just a few feet from each other at Strikeforce Columbus.

There has been no love lost between these two Strikeforce heavyweights for awhile now and they have been taking to every forum possible to throw snippits of vitriol at each other since February. Now Bigfoot Silva adds a little more fuel to the fire with his latest comments brought to us by the folks at Sherdog. Read on, patriots.

“I’ve been fighting since 2004 and have never had any issues with another athlete, even the most stuck-up. Friendship, for me, is everything, but Josh is a weird guy, a guy who doesn’t greet you when you enter the elevator, doesn’t even say ‘good morning.’ It’s how he treats Brazilian fighters especially. It’s the same thing with [Barnett and] Werdum.

“But when [Barnett] sees Fedor, Dana White or [Lorenzo] Fertitta, he runs to them and stays by their side all the time. He makes me sick. He’s the classic kiss-ass, a rude man … I really want to face Barnett and I’ve already said I consider him a filthy person, even though he is a great fighter, and that I’ll beat him up and close both of his eyes.”

Josh is OK in my book since he has a Warhammer 40k background for his Twitter profile, and Antonio could close both of my eyes just by looking at me. I think I will stick to observing these two HWGP participants from a healthy distance.


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