Bigfoot Silva brings the wit to Chael Sonnen on Twitter

Witnessing Bigfoot Silva handle and Iphone backstage at Strikeforce: Henderson vs Babalu II with his mammoth hands was one of the more incredible things I saw in 2010. The man has hands the size of God and I can only imagine navigating the Iphone’s touch interface must be a major test of patience for the former Elite XC champ. Now granted, I saw him handed a phone twice, there is a chance he doesn’t do any of the dialing/texting/tweeting and just has friend type it in…or voice recognition software. Regardless of the means used to get this Tweet out to Chael Sonnen, Bigfoot showed some quick wit. Bigfoot you jokester you.

Pretty funny stuff, but I wonder if this means Bigfoot follows Chael on the Twitter? Hmmmm.


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