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Video: This betting $40,000 on BJ Penn story is too crazy not to hear

Video: This betting $40,000 on BJ Penn story is too crazy not to hear

Really wanted to write about BJ Penn struggling to come to grips with reality or the domestic violence clouds that currently surrounds him. Then this video popped into our atmosphere and there is no looking back.

Guess there comes a day when all of your heroes eventually disappoint you. Before UFC 237 this weekend in Brazil, BJ Penn is reaching that breaking point.

A lot of the MMA fans grew up with Penn being picked as their favorite fighter. There were Fedor people. There were Chuck Liddell people.

If you were Team Penn and choose him as your favorite fighter growing up, it said a lot about you; in both good and bad ways.

Now Penn is 40 years old. He is on a seven fight win-less streak. Baby Jay has not won an UFC fight in nine years. There are kids sitting in fourth grade who have never seen Penn win a fight during their lifetime.

To top it all off, Penn is now the subject of a string of domestic violence allegations.

Our favorite fighter can’t win anymore. He should have stayed retired at least five years ago. To top it all off, the overwhelming evidence points to him being a huge POS away from the cage to.

This sucks.

Which brings us all back around to this amazing episode of the JRE from 2013. Artist David Choe tells the stories of all stories from UFC 58 weekend. This episode is over six years old but the this small clip is making the rounds again.

You have to watch it.

Red eye flights, strip club VIP rooms, a high stakes game of blackjack, $40,000 cash in a Safeway plastic bag, lessons in Street MMA, BJ Penn versus Georges St. Pierre Part One, and a dead hooker.

Too wild of story not tell again and remember a time when Baby Jay Mania was really running wild.

Check out the full episode of Joe Rogan Experience #317 – David Choe, Yoshi Obayashi

Bonus: Our friends at Punch Kick Chill talk UFC 58 and Penn vs. GSP.

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