BetDSI gave me $1,000 to bet on UFC 124, pure insanity

The word is out that I have an enormous MMA gambling addiction, and apparently some companies want to capitalize on my disease. Let’s face it, gambling on MMA is as much of a disease as my addiction of watching The Princess Bride in its entirety whenever it’s on TV. Gambling is a disease only if you’re losing, in which case, I nearly died after I dropped my July rent on Frank Mir at UFC 100. Luckily, has intervened by providing me $1,000 to bet on UFC 124.

Yes, a company gave me one thousand one dollar bills to wager on UFC 124. It’s as incredible as you think it is. If it were up to me, I would pocket the $1,000, change my phone number and spend an absurd amount ignorantly — like buying the DVD set of The Pirates of Dark Water and Out of this World. However, due to contractual obligations, I must spend it all on one punch-drunk gambling spree. The only catch is that I only keep what I earn. Unfortunately, does not offer MMA parlays, otherwise if I bet $1,000 on all the underdogs at UFC 124, I could make a cool 52 million dollars ($52,782,000.50 to be exact). Finally, I would have enough to eat breakfast at The W Hotel on Hollywood Blvd instead of that taqueria off of Vermot Avenue. However, is the first online betting company to offer Live In-Progress Betting on MMA.

Essentially, this means that you can bet on any live televised event on the UFC 124 card as the fight is actually happening! You don’t have to be near a computer to do this. Odds will be available both on the website and direct from your iPhone, Android and Blackberry smart phones.  So whether you are in line at the bar waiting to buy the chick you met an overly expensive drink or waiting to use the bathroom in a Dutch bathroom (Hello Alistair Overeem), has you covered for all your MMA wagering needs.

Starting today and leading up to December 11th, I will give you guys updates on what I intend to do with this stack of cash that I must get rid of at UFC 124. Check back tomorrow for your chance to cash in on this amazing $1,000 Challenge.

Of course I’m going to let you guys get in on this action. What, you think I’m going to keep $1,000 and not let my readers have a chance of making money too? Come on people, I love you guys. Stay tuned for more gambling antics tomorrow!

Update: Well, tomorrow is finally here so click here to get in on the action!

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