Benson Henderson knows more about comic books than you know about MMA

If MMA were to become an Olympic sport, it would have to go down like the PRIDE Grand Prix.  Any other format would be watered-down and completely pointless.  Most fighters would fade after their first or second fight, but Benson Henderson would be skipping rope and doing pushups in between fights just to stay loose.  Bendo never gets tired.  After five rounds with Frankie Edgar, he could just as easily have done five more.  Not only would he win gold, he’d place a treadmill on the podium and run a half-marathon while they’re presenting him with the medal.

We compare fighters to superheroes on a regular basis, but Bendo has all the characteristics of a comic book character.  It’s no surprise to us that he’s well-read and can give you a complex dissertation on what superhero each UFC champion (including himself) represents.  He knows more about obscure comics than you know about underground MMA, and he’s willing to share his the totality of his nerdiness in this video.

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