Ben Rothwell has the power of the universe behind him, knocks out Overeem, dances

Ben Rothwell knocking out Overeem tonight in just a few minutes of action not only upsets the MMA Math equation greatly, but the whole book of K1 Math. Sure, the gloves, the rules, just throw that out for a second and think about an alternate dimension in which we get to see Semmy Schilt vs. Bigfoot Silva, Travis Browne vs. Gokhan Saki, Tyrone Spong vs. Ben Rothwell. 

I don’t even know what the point is that I’m making here, but I guess I’m saying that this is why we love fighting, anything can happen. Not that I was doubting Ben Rothwell (#MFSNeverDie), but my overwhelming love for the Reem clouds any rationale. The Reem should be able to slay tigers and heavily-armored mercenaries with a squint and a backhand. But it’s a hairy-shouldered behemoth that stands victorious tonight, and that’s okay. We got a viking dance that’s powered by the universe out of it, after all.

Thanks to Chris Nelson for the Vine.

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