Ben Henderson is looking for that hair product endorsement money

If anyone deserves a hair product sponsorship in MMA, it’s Benson Henderson. The commercial practically writes and shoots itself (it doesn’t edit itself, however, a professional is needed for that). Think about it – the commercial can show all of the times Benson has wiped the hair from his eyes, then the camera zooms in to a molecular level, to show healthy, hydrated hair. The camera then zooms out again where a fist blasts Benson upside the head, but it doesn’t hurt him, it just shows the beautiful locks on his head bouncing with conditioning to his follicles that rivals Ben’s training camp. 

It’s tough to keep a gorgeous head of hair in a rough and tumble gym environment, but through the power of Christ, Ben Henderson isn’t just smooth in the cage, he’s smooth in the shower with (shampoo brand X) powering his hair day. 

Check out this interview with the infamous OMA:

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