Ben Askren thinks that a move to the UFC is inevitable

By definition, if an event is inevitable it is deemed certain to happen; impossible to avoid. However, if like this guy you are more familiar with the polyhedral dice of Dungeons and Dragons, inevitable refers to an extraplanar magical construct. Inevitable is also how undefeated Bellator Welterweight champion and four time all-American Ben Askren described a move to the UFC and following his comments to, it is hard to disagree with his logic:

“Because since they [Zuffa] bought Strikeforce and obviously Pride’s no longer around, or any other viable Asian promotion, I mean that’s it. I’m on the top of Bellator and I’m ranked 15th in the world, and so I think every single person above me is either in the UFC or Strikeforce, which is essentially all UFC. It’s just a matter of time.”

I’ve never done anything 42 times without fail unlike Ben Askren, who went undefeated on the mat in his senior year at the University of Missouri. If his prophecy comes to pass, and he truly does move to the UFC like the unstoppable frate trane that he is, inevitable is not a word I would use to describe the continuation of Ben Askren’s amateur Disc Golf career. I couldn’t object to Ben’s wrestling being referred to as an “extraplanar magical construct” though.

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