Ben Askren says Thiago Alves and Anthony Johnson are ‘immature’ and ‘cowards’ for not making weight

Ben Askren passes guard like cops pass through red lights in Los Angeles. I’m convinced that Ben Askren could takedown God at will, let alone any 170lber out there. I’ve scanned my mental Rolodex of other welterweights and the only names I can extract are Georges St. Pierre, Jake Shields and Tyron Woodley — and I would donate all the food in my refrigerator to see each of those fights. There’s a reason why Askren is ranked in our official Frate Trane list. There are few things that exist in this universe that can stop Ben Askren from putting you on your back. You, not me. It would be silly to get in the cage with this guy. I’m quite fine with my box of Devil’s Food Cookies and my DVD box set of The Golden Girls.

In an appearance on MMA Fight Corner, Ben Askren states that guys like Anthony Johnson and Thiago Alves are ‘cowards’ and ‘immature’ for not making weight in their respective division.

“They’re just cowards. “They should bump up a weight class. What are you scared of fighting guys bigger than you? If you really, truly can’t make, say 170, you’re gonna be fairly good sized for 185. I mean I walk around anywhere between 183 and 187. And 170, I can make it and it’s not that difficult.”

“So yeah, those guys are idiots. I think it’s immature and cowardly.”

It’s not a coincidence that Ben Askren is essentially throwing verbal jabs at two fighters that fall in the welterweight division. Unfortunately the probability of UFC co-promoting with Bellator is smaller than the chance of the MiddleEasy crew getting invites to Bjorn Rebney’s Christmas party this year. [Source]

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