Ben Askren Reveals “Preposterous” Contract Jake Paul Wanted Him To Sign

Ben Askren reveals the preposterous contract that Jake Paul and his people wanted him to sign to prevent him from doing an "MMA move."

Ben Askren
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Ben Askren reveals what Jake Paul’s people tried to rope him into during their fight negotiations. 

Former UFC fighter Ben Askren is now removed from the fighting game. He had a long and successful career in mixed martial arts and is now taking his time to reflect on some of the most notorious parts of it. “Funky” has decided to write a book about his life and career. In the book, he talks about his wrestling days, his time with ONE Championship, his UFC days, and his fight with Jake Paul. The latter of which has the most interest from the fans. 

Back in 2021, Askren faced the YouTuber turned-boxer, Jake Paul, in a boxing match. The hype was high surrounding the former MMA champion Askren, but in the end, it was Paul who walked out victorious. He knocked out Askren and has continued on with his boxing career. Askren is now shedding a little light on what went into the bout and the details behind the contract negotiations. 

Ben Askren recalls being asked to sign two contracts for the Paul fight

Askren has taken some heat since his loss to Paul. Some have even accused him of taking a dive in the bout. Askren is now putting those rumors to rest. He spoke about this and more in a recent interview with Fight Hub TV. 

“I mean the math that people don’t do on this one because most people are too stupid,” he said. ” If I beat up Jake, Paul, you realize I can do whatever I want right? If I want to go fight his brother, if I want to box someone else, a box someone else, like I’m going to make so much more money, right? If I beat him up. So the notion that I would take money to not beat him up. It’s preposterous.”

Askren did, however, relay one interesting tidbit about his negotiations will Paul for that fight, He claims that Paul’s management wanted to fine Askren, if he used any “MMA, moves” on Paul. 

“He said Triller is worried you’re gonna do some MMA moves,” he explained. “I said, okay, and, I’m not but whatever. And he’s said well so, how about you sign a contract that you’ll get fined $100,000 for every time you do an MMA move? I said, well I already signed a contract, why would I do that, that sounds stupid. And he’s like, Well, come on it would make Jake feel good, and  Triller really wants it.”

In the end, Askren did not sign that new contract and did not use any MMA moves on Paul. 

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