Ben Askren Proposes Kevin Holland Conspiracy Theory: “He’s Paying For The Crime To Happen”

'Funky' finds it hard to trust Holland's work as a vigilante and believes he needs more time ahead

Ben Askren, Kevin Holland
Credit: JHoch Photography, Kevin Holland (via Meta)

Ben Askren is not a believer in Kevin Holland’s heroics.

Holland has made headlines in recent months for his work outside the cage. From rescuing a driver from an overturned tractor-trailer, subduing an active shooter at a sushi restaurant, to halting a car thief, ‘Trailblazer’ has been the real-life Batman for the promotion.

Ben Askren does not believe Kevin Holland’s vigilantism

In an interview with The Schmo, Ben Askren shared his thoughts on the welterweight division. He talked about the rising star Kevin Holland and his newfound fame due to his vigilantism. He finds it unrealistic to believe his claims and suggested a conspiracy theory.

“Part of me I almost think, this is my conspiracy theory side, is he just paying people to act wild so he could be this vigilante. I have now lived for 37 years, Schmo. I’ve never witnessed a crime in action and then tracking someone down. Never seen it happen.

“Now, he’s on like times four. How’s this possible? Or he’s paying for the crime to happen. What about that? Then he goes and tackles them and he’s the hero.”

Askren thinks that Holland might be paying people to stage the encounters.

“Maybe it was like his old buddy and he paid him to swipe something and then he could be the hero. It’s quite the good gimmick”

“Where’s he hanging out that he’s just seeing all these crimes happen? I live in Lake Country, Wisconsin so there’s not a lot of crime here but I’ve lived in Milwaukee, I’ve lived in Phoenix. You would think at some point during my 37 years, I would’ve saw someone swipe something and then had to tackle them.”

Askren believes Holland needs more time to be championship level

Following an unsuccessful stint at middleweight, Holland moved down to 170 lbs. He’s won both of his bouts as a welterweight with his latest win coming over Tim Means at UFC on ESPN 37. It appears to be the right move for Holland who’s declared his intentions for the title next.

‘Funky’ acknowledged what Holland has been able to do at welterweight but believes he needs more time to get to the promotional gold.

“My feeling would be we gotta wait a few more fights. The guys he’s fighting are solid but they are not great. I don’t think he’s beaten a ranked opponent yet, am I wrong on that?”

“I say give him a little more time but I think he’s still young, he’s definitely getting better, he loves to fight. He said he did shrooms, I didn’t want to poop on his party here but he was on drugs when he saw himself being the champion. I don’t know if we can trust that vision or not but we’ll see.”

Safe to say, Askren is not fully sold on Holland just yet. Fellow UFC fighter Joaquin Buckley had criticized Holland in the past with similar claims stating that he’s a “fake a** b*tch.”

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