Ben Askren dominates even more than usual, brings home the ONE FC welterweight title

The funk. I’ve got the funk. Have you got the funk? One FC definitely has the funk. Ben Askren strutted to the cage, looked over Nobutatsu Suzuki and implemented his usual gameplan, IE: “I walk across the cage, I grab the guy, I throw him to the ground and then I punch him until the ref says, ‘stop.'”

And it works every single time. 

This fight could’ve been stopped in the first 20 seconds. I’m glad it wasn’t, but it could’ve been. It seemed like Suzuki’s gameplan was simply; hit Ben in the head with a knee when he shoots in. Well, he did that, it grazed Ben’s fro, but after that it was funky domination time. Knees to the head, a never-ending flurry of punches to the face. Ben Askren dominated. Suzuki officially got big brothered.

Here’s the Zprophet replay, of course:

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