Ben Askren doesn’t care about your UFC, but he does really like this shirt

Ben Askren doesn’t care about your UFC. But he admits this shirt you made is pretty nice. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. That grin of his has nothing to do with Dana White or the legitimacy of your organization. No, of course not. But this shirt. My God the stitch work.

Whether by accident or by design, they nailed the perfect proportion of cotton and polyester blend. It is like wearing a cloud on a dry autumn day.

Still, there he is, standing right in the center of a TUF 20 photo-op. The Team Pettis guest coach dominates the scene, proudly displaying a UFC logo right at your focal point. It is like the yellow uniform of a prodigal super hero. And right beneath that cascade of his curling trademarked hair is something he never seems to associate with the maligned organization: a legitimate smile.

Might this be a sign that this would-be lovers’ quarrel is finally coming to an end? Perhaps. But as Freud is sometimes misquoted as saying, “Sometimes a shirt is just a shirt.”


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