Watch: Ben Askren asking random people if they hate Colby Covington is the content we need

Ben Askren vs. Colby Covington

The funny thing is Ben Askren and Colby Covington probably fall on the same side of political spectrum 99% of the time. Just take a cursory glance at Ben and Colby’s social pages for a few days, and you get the feeling these guys should be friends.

Both wrestlers. Both wildly hated by most. Both talk a huge game that let’s say doesn’t translate to the most exciting action inside of the cage.

How the hell are Ben Askren and Colby Covington not best friends forever? We need these two welterweights to recreate the scene turned fantastic GIF from the movie Step Brothers. Did Ben and Colby just become best friends?


Why aren’t Ben and Colby hanging out at The Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer at this very moment? Sure, its nine months ahead of schedule, but it feels like these two star-crossed dudes should be in the planning stages already.

Instead of being friends, Askren can’t stop talking smack about Covington. This doesn’t exactly make Colby special because Askren talks junk about everyone and everything at this point. If you have grown numb to it all we understand. Askren has his volume stuck at a 10 so when it gets dial back to 8 or 9, who can really tell anymore?

With all that being said, this Askren man on the streets interview is pretty damn funny. Booked to fight Robbie Lawler in his UFC debut, why is Ben talking about Colby right now? Don’t know, don’t care.

We are here for Askren bending over backwards just so he can crack on Colby. Everybody does hate Colby, this uniting truth can bring all people together.

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