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Being a douchebag doesn’t mean Jon Jones should be stripped of his title or the fight should be called off

Being a douchebag doesn’t mean Jon Jones should be stripped of his title or the fight should be called off

Until we found out that a poor woman Jon Jones allegedly struck with his rental car had a broken arm, Bones was looking at a misdemeanor. Yeah, he’s an asshole, he’s on drugs and people don’t like him, but the vast majority of MMA fighters are assholes, on drugs and people don’t like them. 

Let’s not forget this is one of the most beloved MMA fighters of all-time:

Jon Jones is the greatest MMA fighter. Is he young and troubled? Sure. But the UFC doesn’t need to be the moral police. They already pay people pennies to get brain damage. Why should they care about some pregnant lady with a broken arm? This is FIGHTING. If you don’t get this sequined culture then you don’t deserve to wear a t-shirt with a flying angel of death farting sparkles. 

Jon Jones owes no one anything. He is not a role model. He’s a guy who fucks who he wants, fights who he wants and does blow when he wants. And guess what? None of that has ever affected the UFC’s bottom line or his performances. In fact, the bigger asshole Jon Jones has become, the better he’s fought in the octagon. 

Imagine how well he’s going to fight at UFC 187? At this rate, he’ll be able to take on two Fedors.

So let’s not get on our high horses and judge Bones for this. He screwed up. How many of us have messed up in our personal lives and were still allowed to go into work the next day? Jon Jones preaches a Christian way, and as Christians, we should all embrace forgiveness.

Don’t strip Jon Jones of the title. Let him fight at UFC 187. To cancel the fight now would be negating a ridiculous amount of free press. Mike Tyson went away for rape and when he came back, he was two wins away from a WBC HW title shot, and you guys are upset about a hit and run?

Shit happens, but not everyone has a chance to set UFC records. 

Jon Jones is MMA’s Lawrence Taylor. The best. He’s a douchebag, but what does that have to do with him fighting in the cage? 

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