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Behold, the NEW MiddleEasy Boards are here! Finally!

Behold, the NEW MiddleEasy Boards are here! Finally!

Some of you may have noticed a new tab on the menu above. If not then hey, there’s a new tab on the menu above.

The MiddleEasy Boards could not have come at a better time in the site’s history. Now all of you can interact with each other in inappropriate ways and chastise each other endlessly.

We’re beta testing our new feature on MiddleEasy for the next few days, which means that if you have a registered MiddleEasy account, you can partake in the beta for the MiddleEasy Boards.

There’s a lot to be revealed, but perhaps you should run over to the MiddleEasy Boards (MEBs?) and check it out.

Once the beta testing is over, we will have a 60-hour period of registrations and then open up the MiddleEasy Boards to the public. Until then, eat healthy, roll around in muddy water, and enjoy life. Oh, and keep coming to MiddleEasy (when you can peel yourself away from Grand Theft Auto V).

Check out the NEW MiddleEasy Boards!

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