Behold, the MiddleEasy/Brian Ebersole signature shirt called ‘The Hairrow’

Continuing with our pursuit to instil the word ‘Hairrow’ into your mental lexicon, Brian Ebersole and MiddleEasy have teamed up to create perhaps the most epic body hair themed shirt in earth’s history. The Hairrow has officially launched today, and it compliments our current ‘UFC 133 Brian Ebersole Hairrow‘ contest that has been running on the site since last week. This shirt is ahead of its time, which makes it congruent to Brian Ebersole’s fighting style. Each shirt is constructed with magnificent hairy detail. The front of the shirt gives the illusion that you have a healthy Hairrow etched on your chest, carved neatly in the middle of your torso. On the right sleeve is the MiddleEasy logo and the back prominently displays the words ‘TWAS’ (The white Anderson Silva) and ‘Brian Ebersole X MiddleEasy’ in red and black.

You can order the MiddleEasy/Brian Ebersole signature shirt right here, or you can wait and see it on television in a couple months. It’s your call!

Get ‘The Hairrow’ now!

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