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Behold the greatest ring card girl of all-time. She does magic tricks between rounds

Behold the greatest ring card girl of all-time. She does magic tricks between rounds

Advancements in the ever evolving sport of mixed martial arts have come to somewhat of a standstill in recent years. The world’s fastest growing sport for the last ten years has seen its fair share of changes that have improved the action inside the cage for the better. MMA’s next evolution may not occur through weight cutting, cross training disciplines, or drastic rule changes but the sport’s next step in world domination may happen in the 60 seconds between rounds.

Reports out of a country east of the Atlantic Ocean but slightly west of Russia’s Pacific Ocean adjacent boarders we have the most talented ring card girl in MMA’s history. Mixing the elements of beauty, a modest fashion sense, classically trained ballet, and Stockton nunchuk skills this temptress steals the show. Is she doing a magic trick with her mind? How can anyone pay attention to the action inside the cage when a goddess sits mere feet from the so called “action”?

Arianny Celeste, Brittany Palmer, the other newer UFC ring card engineers who don’t really have names yet, the MMA world implores you to stop fighting amongst yourselves and focus your energy on advancing the sport of MMA to the next level. The difference of raw skills between this anonymous skipping female and the UFC’s best is the gap between the skill levels of fighters competing at UFC 1 and UFC 100.

We’re not sure what we just watched but we’re 99.99 % sure the UFC needs more of this inside their world famous trademarked Octagon.

Hat tip to @GrabakaHitman on Twitter for unearthing this modern marvel 

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