Before you see him this weekend at UFC 136, check out Frankie Edgar’s first underground, no-rules MMA fight

On paper, Frankie Edgar is the greatest lightweight in mixed martial arts. Let that sink in for a bit, I’ll be over here explaining how humanity was derived from taro root. If you ask Shinya Aoki and a few of us at MiddleEasy, our choice as to who truly is the greatest lightweight in MMA was depicted by Chris Farley in the early 90s. In a few months we will know if our assessment is correct, but in the meantime we will witness an astronomically huge clash at 155lbs between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard at UFC 136 this Saturday. Earlier this year we witnessed Gray Maynard release an onslaught of fists aimed directly at Edgar’s dome in the first round at UFC 125. By some absolute miracle, Frankie Edgar recovered in the second round and managed to grind out a draw in perhaps the only draw in UFC history worth re-watching an endless amount of times. Now hopefully we will see the conclusion to the three-fight trilogy this weekend, but if we don’t, you can still see Frankie Edgar’s first MMA bout right here on MiddleEasy, compliments of the UG’s Don Dada. It was an illegal, unsanctioned and no-rules MMA match — so I’m sure I’ve hit all the correct keywords for you to watch the video.

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