Before Rampage Was Famous, He Was the Easter Bunny

We’ve all had some crappy jobs in our day before we got to where we wanted to be (or maybe aren’t there yet?). It’s kind of cool to know that Rampage Jackson had to travel that lonely, dark road of crappy jobs before he became the superstar that he is today. Before he was whisked away to Japan where he was told to act like a black, homeless American to xenophobic Japanese fans which in turn helped to launch his career, Rampage Jackson dressed up like the Easter Bunny at the Nashville mall.

That is the kind of crazy stuff that you can’t make up. The best part about that mental image is that we all know how Rampage thinks and speaks at this point, so it would be really funny to imagine the mental chatter that was going down in Rampage’s head while he had to sit silently in a white bunny costume with kids sitting on his lap. As a dude who only really has one Christmas tradition of watching Bad Santa, I’d be all for Rampage making a made-for-TV “Bad Easter Bunny” film for Spike TV.

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