Bec Rawlings talks creepy fans, the TUF 20 house, and how the media is blowing drama out of proportion

Ah, Rowdy Bec Rawlings. The Australian badass made a name for herself by being a punk princess that could knock you out or submit you if you sneered at her the wrong way, all while looking cooler than you’ll ever be. Invicta caught on to the star-to-be, and was the first to truly showcase Bec (Shannon Knapp is wise). Now with her run in TUF 20 about to be open for public display, we caught up with the rowdy one right as she woke up and was preparing to get out of bed so she could do far more important things than us with her life.

We said a quick good morning, than shot questions at her rapid-fire style, and she shot them back even rapidererer.

How do you feel about the way they are marketing TUF 20?

I really like how they’re marketing us, I know people are trying to say they are selling our sexy side, but the reality of it is that fighters, girl fighters, like to dress up and feel sexy. We’re always in our training gear, always smelly and sweaty, so it’s nice to dress up and spend time with your friends. So I feel the way they marketed us is: we’re tough, we’re strong but we’re also women. We’re not just roided out of our heads with half man half women muscle breed that most people think of when they hear ‘woman fighter’. I always get a lot of comments, ‘you’re too pretty too fight!’ That’s because there’s a stigma that women fighters are big and muscle-y and not women. I like the way they are marketing us, it’s staying true to who we are. We are all beautiful and strong and tough, so anyone who is sulking about it is just nitpicking the UFC and they just hate the UFC and want to pick at anything they do.

If you could live with any of your castmates again, who would it be?

Angela Hill wins that. She’s fucking hilarious. She had me laughing pretty much the whole time through filming so I would definitely want to live with her.

Who had a cleanliness problem?

I think we’re all pretty clean, Justine Kish was the fairy dishwasher doing all the dishes because she has so much energy and needed to focus on something. So she’d do all the dishes… It was awesome. There wasn’t really like, someone that was really bad at being clean. We’re all pretty clean I guess?

Who did you miss the most?

I don’t… Miss people… (laughs) I swear I’m like an emotional robot sometimes! I missed my kids and I missed music! Other than that I was just excited to be in the house and train with the best and punch people in the head (laughs).

I didn’t really think about who I was missing, I tried to block it out and focus on the task at hand. Of course I missed my kids, my babies, but other than that I was pretty chill.

What’s your next tattoo going to be?

There’s definitely plans, but I can’t tell because it will reveal… Stuff. So. We’ll have to wait. Stay tuned. It obviously will involve The Ultimate Fighter and my friends so yeah, it’s coming.

You say you missed music, what do you listen to?

I listen to hip hop a lot. Aussie hip hop and 2Pac, Macklemore, Lil Wayne and all that (laughs). I grew up with hip hop; my brother, my sister and her partner pretty much, like, forced it onto me so it’s all I listen to now.

What’s the creepiest message you’ve ever gotten from a fan?

The creepiest message… Someone offered me 200 Euros to, “rub and kiss my feet ‘gentleman style'” (laughs). That was pretty fucking creepy! I’ve had a few creepy messages but that one tops it!

As a fighter, how do you handle social media, and the trolls that come with it? Do you like social media?

Yeah. I feel like Facebook is where I have the biggest following. On Facebook they’re pretty tame, pretty tame. I think because it’s so public. I get on the UG a lot and that sometimes gets a little rowdy. They’re funny as fuck on there but you get some hate as well. You have to weed through the haters and try and take the positive through there. I enjoy it, it’s funny, it makes me laugh. I can’t do Reddit, that site confuses me, I tried. Twitter is cool, I get some creepy messages but not as much as Facebook. UG takes the cake as most entertaining.

Is there any truth to the Felice Herrig ‘bullying’ issues, or is it being blown out of proportion?

Um, I feel like it’s been blown out of proportion a little bit. I feel like, if you’re a fighter you need to have tough skin and need to stand up for yourself. In the house, none of those girls said anything to her or to me or to our group of friends because they were locked in a house with us and had to deal with us 24/7. Now that they’re out of the house, they decided to grow some balls and are trying to step to Felice while her group of friends isn’t around. Felice didn’t react the way I would’ve, and kind of took it, and that’s why it got worse and she was very emotional about it. Instead of just standing up for herself and telling them to go fuck themselves she kind of just took it, and I think that gave them more encouragement to keep being nasty to her. I think if you’re a fighter, you know how to fight, stand up for yourself. I’m not saying to get physical I’m just saying that you can tell them, “let’s sort this out in the cage if you’d like, you’re in my weight division.” So I think it’s blown out of proportion, it’s media grabbing at anything to try to cause drama. The funny thing is that in the house, there was like no drama. We all got along pretty well and stayed to ourselves and I’m hoping the show just focuses on how good the fights were and how entertaining we are, because there was a lot of cool shit that happened there and very little drama. The media is making it sound like there was so much drama and now it’s spilled out into the streets after TUF. They’re making it seem like a big drama-fest which it wasn’t, we had so much fun in there. Definitely blown out of proportion.

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