Batman and Robin are sanctioning MMA fights and their first main event was Shogun vs Penguin

Listen Batman, we know you are Bruce Wayne. Don’t patronize us with this constant denial of your alter ego. Gotham City is in a horrid state, Harvey Dent is dead, crime is still rampant and you have inspired a countless number of criminals to pull out their old costume chest (many criminals keep their old costumes from Halloween) and run rampant around the city like it was Metropolis. We don’t need you hopping on South American variety shows to organize Mixed Martial Arts matches between Shogun Rua and your mortal nemesis The Penguin. You have bigger fish to fry.

Bruce Wayne: a man with deep enough pockets to not only compete with the UFC, but also a wily enough promoter to let by gones be by gones when it comes to booking a proven main event commodity in the penguin. That relationship was a lot like Dana/Tito for a while there. Glad they worked it out.


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