Bas Rutten’s take on the Golden Glory/ZUFFA situation is definitely an interesting on

Bas Rutten can manipulate the patterns of weather just by palm striking the ground on a rainy day. He doesn’t leap small buildings in a single bound, he just questions their integrity until they turn to small, kickable piles of rubble. The last thing anyone would want to do is engage in an action that will warrant perhaps the longest tweet in the history of Twitter, but alas someone has — fortunately it’s not me. Check out what Bas Rutten said regarding the entire Golden Glory/ZUFFA fiasco that has transpired over the past couple weeks.

Many people have been asking MY view on what happened with StrikeForce and Golden Glory. Finally, after hearing from the fans and fighters involved, I thought to write what I though.

First thing we heard was: “Dana said that it was the problem from GG management, that they don’t want the checks directly to go to the fighters”. But then there is suddenly a picture from Marloes Coenen’s check on the Internet with her name on it, a check that she cashed herself.

Some will ask, “Why does GG do business like this?” Well, it’s for their own protection of course, but it probably started because some checks from Japan started to bounce from some organizations. And if they didn’t bounce, the fighters would be able to get them cashed 6 or 8 weeks later. Since fighters want their money right away, and GG loves their fighters, they said “No problem, we pay the fighters from our OWN money, pay their trainers and sparring partners, and then when the money comes in, we simply deduct everything from the check that is paid, this way everybody get’s paid”. I know for a fact, 100% true, that they STILL need to get money from some organizations. The fighters got paid, but GG didn’t because they paid the fighters out of their own money. And some people say that they are crooks? Please explain this to me, who else, what management, give me one name, does this?

As a fighter, this would be something really cool, but even more for the trainers, because, ask trainers how many times they get paid by their fighters? You will be amazed with how many do NOT. I know fighters who became World champion in big organizations, even the UFC, and they never, yes, you read this good, NEVER, paid their trainer (OK, I might be wrong 1 or 2 times from the at least 10 or 15 times, but I am pretty sure I am not wrong). It sickens me and I would love to mention names, but out of respect of their coaches, I won’t. I hope those fighters read this, so they know that I know.

Anyway, these problems don’t exist at GG, at least not when the management is taking care of this.

So we know now why GG does this. And of course when GG heard that the UFC wanted to pay their fighters directly, and that they otherwise didn’t want to do business, GG right away said “OK, no problem”. And that’s why you saw that check from Marloes Coenen popping up.

So what is the real reason then that they let the fighters go? Well, because we don’t have an answer now, I started speculating and thinking about everything, that’s something you do when you don’t have answers.

The truth is, I don’t exactly know, but what I DO know is that Alistair Overeem was in a beautiful spot. When he would win the tournament, his contract would be over and that would put him in a really good spot.

We encourage you to read the rest of Bas Rutten’s overly elongated tweet, because we’re surely not posting the entire thing here. That small excerpt wasn’t even half of what Rutten had to say on the matter. [Source]

Published on August 9, 2011 at 1:45 pm
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