BAMMA and SyFy have combined forces in a broadcast deal!

Today I’ve been repping the Holy Roman Empire playing Medieval:Total War trying to take over the world between writing sessions. At this very moment, my armies have swept through France, liberating wine cellars and looting fine cheeses so I can make my way to the Frenchies ports to steal their navy and head across the English channel with my armies. I plan on landing near London and farther north touching down a few miles from Liverpool, en route to claiming Manchester. When I take the UK I will rename it NewJasonland. It will be good. My rule will be stern, but fair.It’s hard to believe back in the day grown men would walk right up to each other and start engaging each other with giant knives in hand to hand combat only Josh Barnett could handle. It kind of makes you put things into perspective when we call our favorite athletes warriors. David Heath/Babalu is tame by comparison.

Right now in my game it’s 1126 AD, so in a little less than 900 years into the future Paul Daley will be attending BAMMA 5 in Manchester, NewJasonland hoping to destroy a large portion of Yuya Shirai’s brain cells with either of his formidable fists in the shows main event. Normally Bamma would be near impossible to find on a decent internet stream and it has never been on a major telly station, until now. SyFy and BAMMA have combined forces on a metaphysical level and have signed contracts indicating they will broadcast all five BAMMA events on SyFy across the UK this year along with a side serving of highlights and other BAMMA ‘programmes’ on the home of Mega Python VS Gatoroid. Now you wont even have to change the channel to watch some MMA after a Twilight Zone marathon and Ghost Hunters.


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