MMA Rundown

Back to the ring? The Internet freaks out when pics of a CM Punk-Bullet Club t-shirt leak

So crazy it must be true. With the one year anniversary of CM Punk getting smoked in his MMA debut only one month away, rumors of The Second City Savoir return to the squared circle are once again heating up.

Could it be? That’s got to be CM Punk’ s music!

With indy wrestling as hot as ever, the timing works out for Punk to make a return to the ring and immediately joining the number one faction in the sport. Punk returning to Ring of Honor/wrestling for New Japan as a member of The Bullet Club is just too perfect.

To add extra seasoning to these rumors here are The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll recruiting CM Punk to The Bullet Club with (too) sweet custom Chicago Made merch.