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Watch: Amateur MMA Fighter Austin Batra Disqualified Due To Insane KO Attempt

Watch: Amateur MMA Fighter Austin Batra Disqualified Due To Insane KO Attempt

Austin Batra Tried To Slam Grounded Opponent With A Flying Double Axe Strike Despite The Referee Had Already Stepped In!

Amateur MMA fights are sometimes very interesting to watch. The fighters might not be that skillful and sometimes very weird techniques might break the guard. We can even see the strangest finishing attempts. It happened at 170-pound Battlefield Fight League championship fight! Austin Batra literally had the belt after he knocked Perry Hayer out with a stunning left hook.

The referee tried to step in and stop the fight. Yet, Austin Batra will probably regret his whole life for the move he did. It was one of the weirdest finishing attempts. But he should have looked at the referee who has already ordered him to stop. Yet, Batra wanted to slam the opponent in an attractive way. He jumped in the air, raised his hands up, and tried a flying double axe strike over the referee!

Austin Batra lost the title because of this “attraction”. He has decreased his score to 4-2, while Perry Hayer now has 6-7.

We have seen Thiago Silva many times performing double chop from the full guard. Austin Batra would probably be remembered as the first man who has done flying double chop KO. Unfortunately, he has turned into a man who lost the belt due to his stupidity!

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever seen a better move? After all, Austin Batra has had many other wonderful solutions under his belt. He could wait for the referee to stop the fight. He could come up with an attractive celebration. But he chose to be Mr. Wiseman, disobey the rules, and lose the belt due to disqualification! Do you think Austin Batra will be claimed for the worst MMA tragedian of 2018? It could have been so simple!

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