Audio: Nick Diaz Says He’s the Face of Weed and Nate Was Smoking Kush Not CBD in Dopest Interview Ever

Marijuana smoke is the mystical and magical spirit that permeates the bodies of Nick and Nate Diaz. It’s not even magic. It’s science, bro. …But in a complex and multidimensional universe, isn’t science basically the only true magic? Whoa. Tangent.

Anyway, cannabis and the Diaz brothers are like, the holy MMA trinity that must not ever be separated. It just wouldn’t be the same, it’d be like banning them from using the middle finger. Nick Diaz beat Takanori Gomi high as giraffe’s balls and they want to act like it never happened. That shit happened, dude. It doesn’t matter if Diaz tested 3.5 times higher than the Tetrahydrocannabinol threshold. The point is, weed is mad tight and both Diaz’s have used the shit out of it while becoming top, superb-cardio having athletes.


In one of the dopest interviews ever, Nick Diaz goes on Jamey Jasta’s (the signer of Hatebreed) show to try and Stockton slap the stigma of marijuana usage. The interview is just under five minutes but is dense like the trichomes on your best, crystallized nugs. Diaz talks a possible podcast, pot as a performance enhancing drug, rants on social media, post-fight tests and getting enlightened by hippies at weed conventions.

All jokes aside, the Diaz heard here is comfortable and speaking with clarity. In one of the most revealing moments, Diaz says he thinks it’s limiting yourself to die without ever smoking marijuana and he feels ‘some type of way’ his grandfather passed away from this life without trying it and expanding his mind. Heavy, man.

Before the interview ends, Diaz drops another bong—I mean, bomb on us all. He admits that Nate Diaz wasn’t using CBD oil after his UFC 202 fight with Conor McGregor, but straight up weed. …I’m not surprised, motherfuckers.

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