Aspen Ladd Vouches For Conor McGregor: ‘Anybody Hating On Him Really Shouldn’t Be’

Aspen Ladd previews her return to action at UFC Vegas 32 against Macy Chiasson, and reacts to Conor McGregor breaking his leg

Aspen Ladd Conor Mcgregor
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Aspen Ladd has been recovering from some serious knee injuries and is set to make her return after a year and a half, at this weekend’s UFC Vegas 32. Having gone through this injury, she is sympathetic towards the struggle Conor McGregor is going through.

While what Ladd went through with her torn  is completely different than McGregor’s broken leg from UFC 264, she has at least some understanding of what he is experiencing. She recognizes the struggles of being immobilized by injury, and unable to train or even walk.

Speaking in a recent interview, Aspen took McGregor’s side of things during the recent blowback he is experiencing. She said that while he could have handled the loss better in the moment, she gets where his mindset was at the time, and says people should cut him some slack.

“I think the only thing that I saw that he handled incorrectly was his post-fight interview, but the dude was in pain. Everybody’s basically crapping all over him, but he just broke his leg, he just lost a fight, he is not in a good mental place,” Ladd said.

“Anybody hating on him really shouldn’t be. He’s done so much for the sport. (It’s almost the same as) Ronda Rousey, what’s your take on her. It’s like, everybody should be grateful. Sure, you might want to that (person), you might want to do that. But these people have elevated the sport… You did a great job, you helped all of us.”

Aspen Ladd Expects A Brawl With Macy Chiasson

This weekend Aspen Ladd faces Macy Chiasson in her first bout since her rebound win over Yana Kunitskaya in December of 2019. With Macy being 5-1 in the UFC, this is a big fight for the division and has some serious contendership placings at stake. 

As far as the fight itself goes, Aspen knows that there is a lot that Macy can do in the fight. So she is going into it with an open mind, and is fully prepared for a brawl, which is something she likes anyway.

“It’s definitely a ‘let’s wait and see’ kind of thing. From what I’ve seen in her previous fights, she’s willing to engage everywhere. So this could be a little bit of  a brawl, it can be a little bit of an everywhere fight, ground, clinch, standing,” Ladd said.

“She doesn’t seem to just want to stay in one thing, and that’s my favorite kind of fight, it’s awesome.

“When they give me two opponents, and I know how each one fights, I will choose the one that wants to go out there and brawl. It’s better for both of us,” Ladd continued.

“People are not here to see a boring decision win. They’re not here to see ‘Ah, I kind of, sort of want to spar this girl.’ They want to see blood, they want to see people fight, they want to see a brawl. When you can pull out that kind of fight, besides the fact that sometimes you bonus off of it, it’s better for everybody. If you want to engage, and you want to go to war, that’s what people want to see.”

Aspen Ladd faces Macy Chiasson this Saturday, in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 32. It is going to be great to see this bright young prospect back in action.

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