Ben Askren Believes Tyron Woodley Beat Jake Paul In Close Boxing Match

Jake Paul might have earned respect from Ben Askren, but not his scorecard.

Ben Askren Jake
Ben Askren Jake

The grand spectacle between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley finally happened last weekend. 

After 8 rounds of boxing, Paul would take a split decision win in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. ‘The Problem Child’ would prove to be a problem for Woodley, after outstriking the former UFC Champion in 6 different rounds. 

Despite the numbers being in favor for the influencer, the statistics wouldn’t sway everybody from thinking Woodley won the fight. 

Among many in MMA, the familiar funky face of Ben Askren scored the fight for Woodley. 

The History

Woodley, a longtime teammate and friend of Askren, was in his corner for his cash-grab against Paul. It would be a quick night for Askren in April. Paul would ace his next test with flying colors, knocking down Askren in under 2 minutes. The fight would be called off with the referee not seeing Askren fit to continue. 

T-Wood would look to avenge Askren’s loss in the boxing ring, making his own debut against Paul in the following months. The Rocky IV storyline was there, with the American fighter flying in to enemy territory to take back his friend’s loss, but the script was flipped. 

Askren’s Insight

Askren didn’t follow suit with the judges who thought Paul won. 

“I may be biased. I think Tyron won.” Askren said in an Instagram video. “I had a score of five to three. [Tyron] was more aggressive. He was stalking and he landed more effective punches. Now, Jake definitely outvolumed him, but I did not think the volume was all that effective.”

Showing Respect

The former ONE Champion didn’t give the verdict to Paul, but he did end up giving his respect for his former foe. 
“I know a lot of you guys are frustrated he didn’t beat up Jake Paul. Listen, that’s what I wanted to happen too. I want him to knock Jake Paul’s head off. He didn’t get it done. Other than that, I gained a lot of respect for Jake Paul.”
“Now I know he got a TKO on me, but I knew I wasn’t very good at boxing. I told all of you that, like, I’m not a very good boxer. I just think I’m better than he is. Okay. So when he got a knockout on me, hey, whatever, he didn’t earn my respect. Watching him versus Tyron. I have a lot of respect for Tyron’s striking ability. I think Tyron won the fight, but either way it was a really, highly competitive bout. I think it’s pretty evident. The only way you’re not going to think this view, [is if you] really hate the guy.”
“I don’t hate him.” Askren added. “It’s pretty evident to me that he’s worked pretty hard at this and he’s pretty tough, right. He took some pretty big shots from Tyron and kept on fighting. So in that respect, he has earned my respect for sure, in a way that he didn’t in my fight or any of the fights previously.” 

What’s Next? 

With his dues to Paul paid, Askren believes a rematch with his teammate Tyron Woodley is next for Jake Paul. This has some hurdles though as T-Wood has to get a tattoo of ‘I Love Jake’ on his thigh first. 
Do you agree with ‘Funky?’
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