Arizona man was gunned down after an argument over UFC 117

Shooting someone after an argument over UFC, that’s such an ASU thing to do. We would have never done that at the University of Arizona. However, I can take claim for having the largest party at the UofA in 2003. It was legendary. A total of 125 people were arrested and it led to our entire courtyard being monitored by police for remainder of the year. If you don’t believe me, just ask UFC’s Efrain Escudero, he was there. At our party, no one was gunned down in a drive by shooting after an argument over an MMA event. Can’t say the same for these guys in Phoenix, Arizona. Check out this report of an altercation that occurred shortly after UFC 117

A Glendale man was arrested after an argument started while watching a UFC fight at a home in Gilbert escalated into a drive-by shooting early Sunday morning, police said.

The argument began between Kemonte Tremayne Wesson, 32, and a 37-year-old man while the pair watched a UFC event at a home, Gilbert Police spokesman Sgt. William Balafas said.

The argument became heated. The homeowner asked the two to go outside where they continued to fight, Balafas said.

Both men left the home. Wesson was in a vehicle and the victim was on foot.

Near the intersection of Parkview and Balboa streets at around 12:42 a.m., police suspect Wesson shot the victim. The victim was shot in the shoulder and arm and is expected to survive.

Alright, time to get to the bottom of this story. Which UGer is responsible for this? Sherdogger? You can come clean on MiddleEasy, we won’t make fun of you…that much. [Source]

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