Ariel Helwani is patient with callers that may or may not be on drugs

You have to expect a few loons to call in if you have a long running and live MMA show. It’s the nature of the business. Sometimes a few callers might be on drugs, or brain damaged, or sadly enough 100% sober and healthy but just really, really stupid.

Ariel Helwani had just this type of incident recently during The MMA Hour. Rather than cut off the dimwitted fellow like many Chicago on air personalities that I am used to, Ariel guides this lost soul who initially agrees that his name is Matt, but then admits to being Andrew, through a maze of words that eventually leads to him explaining why Matt Mitrione should not be fronted upon.

Thanks to risetotheoccasion on the UG for finding this gem. Also thanks to the UG. And thank you to SurReal554 for posting it on Youtube. Thanks To Ariel for producing the show making this clip possible. Thanks to Al Gore for the internet, also I would also like to thank God and my training camp. As you can see a lot of people are behind an article like this, but lets remember none of it would have existed if it weren’t for Matt/Andrew from Iowa.

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