Apparently, chicks really enjoy playing with the GSP action figure

Apparently the GSP doll, pardon me I mean action figure, can be used in many ways most of you guys have not yet thought about. According to a female reporter at the UFC 129 press conference, there are many offensive ways to play with a GSP action figure. I mean sure, I’ve used the GSP doll to beat Ken up and hang out with Barbie and all her friends drinking Skyy Vodka in the Barbie jacuzzi, but to use the GSP action figure in ways that would make even a Pure Romance party hostess blush is something I have not yet even considered. Frankly, I am not impressed with my performance. I should have already experimented with this, but I’m just not that into playing with dolls. Maybe if there was a Damarques Johnson or Anthony Pettis doll I would have been more inspired to play with my toys.

I’m not sure what news media source this particular reporter works for, but she sounds like she might need to go take her GSP action figure and get a room instead of hanging out at the press conference. GSP might want to go rub some sanitizer on his hands after handling this chick’s doll, there is no telling the places that thing has been. Check it out:


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