Any domestic dispute between the Cyborgs will be resolved with 4oz gloves

If you are the Pillsbury Doughboy, nothing says loving like something from the oven. If you are The Cyborgs, nothing says loving like some overhand rights and shoving. None of us are either one of those, so for us, loving is probably more like the song Closer by NIN and some KY Jelly. Although these two appear to be having fun in this video, I wouldn’t recommend any of you guys going home and landing any roundhouse kicks to your girlfriend’s face. This will not result in handcuff foreplay, instead you will most likely be handcuffed in the back of a cop car. The Cyborgs loving could give domestic violence a whole new meaning. In this video, Evangelista seems to be thoroughly enjoying the abuse his wife is giving him and it clearly appears that he would be the sub in any BDSM action they might get into. [Source]

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