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Antonio McKee vs. Luciano Azevedo will be the most important fight in MFC this year

Antonio McKee vs. Luciano Azevedo will be the most important fight in MFC this year

Antonio McKee has a nickname no site dare to repeat unless your name is ‘ADCC’s website‘. In which case, you will probably create a hilarious headline that will endlessly be interpreted by the ACLU. If you can pull it off, then you’ll elevate to a social plane called ‘Legendary Status’ according to Dan Quinn. Granted, Dan Quinn also believes that he’s the reincarnation of a Buddhist angel called ‘Maitreya‘. That essentially proves Dan Quinn’s previous theory on ‘Legendary Status’ invalid, but you can still watch his Youtube videos for the secrets of the universe (which is apparently a delicate combination of Stevia, marijuana, water and the word ‘homeboy’ sprinkled throughout).

MFC sent a press release stating Antonio McKee will defend his MFC light weight belt for the first time in nearly a year against the 16-8 Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt, Luciano Azevedo this September at the Keystone Center in Manitoba, Canada (I refuse to pretend like I know where that is).

You may know Luciano Azevedo since he’s the only guy to defeat Jose Aldo. Yes, the same Jose Aldo that turned Urijah Faber’s leg into an oil painting of a large, oblong peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Azevedo did it via rear naked choke in the middle of the Amazonian jungle.

As far as Antonio McKee, the dude hasn’t lost a single fight in over seven years. Enjoying his fourteen win fight streak, McKee has also been known to educate people on the history of Adolf Hitler. If I had a dollar for every time Antonio McKee told me something amazing at The Ultimate Chaos’ in Biloxi, Mississippi, I would be able to buy a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s and call it a day. If Antonio McKee’s mouth were the Hoover Dam and it were responsible for holding back an ocean full of words, it would collapse in like eight seconds. McKee is liable to say exactly what’s going through his head at any given moment. I asked him if he had any beef with Bas Rutten on Inside MMA in 2009 and Antonio McKee unraveled this elaborate (and epic) story that ended with the two nearly getting into a fight right inside the studio. They even made a side bet that whoever lost would have to fork over $1,000. Not sure what episode it was, but McKee accused Rutten of antagonizing him by repeatedly saying ‘Your fights have to get more interesting’.

All of the above will come together like Voltron on September 10th and hopefully will be aired live on HDNet for all of you to gawk over. Until then, drink Stevia, homeboy.

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