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Antonio McKee doesn’t celebrate ‘Christmas’, but he will celebrate ‘Kwanzaa’ in his UFC debut

If you don’t find Antonio McKee saying that he wants to celebrate Kwanzaa at his UFC debut against Jacob ‘Christmas’ Volkmann both clever and funny, then your sense of humor has evaded you long ago. Your sense of humor is more elusive than a pre-UFC 113 Lyoto Machida. In short, your sense of humor drinks urine out of small plastic cups.

Antonio McKee claims he’s the baddest [expletive] on the planet. The expletive is used in place of a term that may offend people (as most ‘expletives’ are). McKee has a nickname no site dare to repeat unless your name is ‘ADCC’s website‘. In which case, you will probably create a hilarious headline that will endlessly be interpreted by the ACLU. If you can pull it off, then you’ll elevate to a social plane called ‘Legendary Status’ according to Dan Quinn. Granted, Dan Quinn also believes that he’s the reincarnation of a Buddhist angel called ‘Maitreya‘. That essentially proves Dan Quinn’s previous theory on ‘Legendary Status’ invalid, but you can still watch his Youtube videos for the secrets of the universe (which is apparently a delicate combination of Stevia, marijuana, water and the word ‘homeboy’ sprinkled throughout).

Check out this interview we conducted with McKee where he tells us what you already thought he believed. Verbal Kung-Fu, got to love it.

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