Anthony Pettis talks with us about the Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers NFC championship game

The Gaza Strip, North Korea vs South Korea, and now, the Illinois/Wisconsin border. This Sundays NFL, NFC championship game marks the 182nd time the Chicago Bears have played the Green Bay Packers in a professional game of Football, and in the 90 year old rivalry between the teams, never has a contest meant so much: a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Anthony Pettis is not shy about his love for the Green Bay Packers and all pro sports teams from the cheesy state of Wisconsin, the last WEC lightweight champ owns his own sports bar downtown Milwaukee just to prove it. So as an avid fan of the Chicago Bears, I had to ask the Form Athletics adorned Duke Roufus protoge about his official thoughts on this weekends big game and other cheddar like things. Check it out:

You have never been knocked out, can you absorb extra punishment to your dome since you are a cheesehead? I have never been knocked out, and yes I do think I can take extra punishment because I’m a cheesehead


Is Aaron Rodgers better than Brett Favre? It’s still kinda early in his career to say Rodgers is better than Favre! But the potential is there.


Is this the most dastardly cheapshot in the history of sports? LOL! That was the funniest thing I have ever seen!


Give us an official Showtime prediction for the upcoming Bears/Packers game. Packers win!!!!!!


I wonder who could kick a longer field goal, Duke Roufus, Pat Barry or Anthony Pettis off the cage? I don’t know, but what I do know is that you’re missing an inside look at RoufusSport on HDNET right now!

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