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Anthony Pettis claims Ben Henderson is ‘manipulating the rules’ to stay the UFC champion

Anthony Pettis claims Ben Henderson is ‘manipulating the rules’ to stay the UFC champion

Does anyone else remember back in 2010 at WEC 53 when the entire MMA community accused Anthony Pettis of illegally manipulating the cage in his historic Showtime kick, but then it was immediately forgiven when people realized he actually pulled off a move from Double Dragon III? The only way Pettis’ Showtime kick could be deemed illegal is if it’s against the law to make someone’s jaw drop in awe from sheer gravity-bending athleticism.

So when Anthony Pettis claims that Ben Henderson has been ‘manipulating the rules’ to stay the UFC lightweight champion, it does raise an eyebrow — but only because you have that weird jumpy eyebrow thing that happens every once in a while. What is that, like a nerve problem or something? I always like to think that it’s one of my ancestors flicking the top of my eye, because he/she was a big fan of The Three Stooges.

In an interview with our bud at MMA Junkie Ben Fowlkes, Anthony Pettis called Ben Henderson out on his fighting style by suggesting his inability to finish fights is all planned.

I’m not a fan of that style. I wouldn’t even try doing that. That’s just manipulating the rules of the game to keep your title. If you’re truly the best, I mean, look at Anderson Silva. He got knocked out in his last fight, but I think he’s truly the best because he’s finished some top guys, and he does it impressively. He’s not trying to grind it out and stay on top of you to win the rounds. He’s out there fighting fights. That’s what I respect, and that’s who I want to be.

I’m sure Nate Diaz has something to add to what Anthony Pettis said, and it probably involves ‘making lady sounds when he fights.’

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