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Watch: Anthony Johnson explains why he retired from MMA to pursue bodybuilding

Watch: Anthony Johnson explains why he retired from MMA to pursue bodybuilding

And this was the moment where we accepted the fact that Anthony Johnson was never coming back to MMA. Maybe we should also comes to grips with the fact Rumble Johnson may not be able to make 265 pounds anymore.

While we’re all here, let’s all think about the fact that Johnson used to cut to 170 pounds to fight. Pretty sure one of Rumble’s arms weighs 170 pounds at this point. Will never stop geeking out about Johnson fighting at welterweight.

All things can be done through the power of the Fight Gods. Thankfully, the same Fight Gods eventually forced Johnson to move up to 185 and finally 205 pounds.

One of MMA’s great ‘what ifs’ is the thought of Johnson being allowed to cut no weight and fight at heavyweight. This could have been Rumble’s final form.

Is it too late for Rizin or KSW to back up a truck full of giant money bags to the house of Johnson? Just pour your entire 2019 free agent budget into making the 2019 version of Rumble Johnson fight another human at super-heavyweights. MiddleEasy stays being the worst and or best MMA promoters of an entire generation.

Back to reality, where Johnson is very comfortable with his decision to retire from MMA. Rumble fell out of love with the sport that nearly killed his kidneys. In a new interview Johnson talks about hanging up his gloves. Rumble Johnson also talks about the medical marijuana business and really getting into the world of bodybuilding.

AJ left us with this quote that really feels like it should be inside a very important fortune cookie

“If you not the boss, you not gonna be making boss money.”

Checks out.

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