Anthony Johnson DESTROYS ‘Loose Booty’ Paulo Costa In Recent Exchange

Anthony Johnson Trades Words With Paulo Costa, Mocking Him For Being Humped By Israel Adesanya

Anthony Johnson
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It seems that the UFC return of Anthony Johnson is approaching soon. After a recent exchange on social media, it looks possible that he could be facing Paulo Costa in his comeback.

When Rumble Johnson announced his retirement, the general consensus among fans was that it happened too soon. That is why there is a massive excitement around his comeback, which has been in the works for some time. Then, with the revelation that he was back in the USADA testing pool, the fans have been buzzing to figure out when and who he will fight.

Anthony Johnson And Paulo Costa Trade Barbs

Of all the possible opponents floated around for Anthony Johnson to face, an unexpected one came across the social media sphere. Johnson recently spoke on Mike Swick’s podcast about the way Paulo Costa handled his loss to Israel Adesanya.

“Hey, being skinny has its advantages, dude. I don’t understand all of a sudden either why Costa is getting so upset after he saw what Stylebender did to him, you know?” Johnson’s said. “I was like ‘Dude, you were the one talking so much and then he gets you at the end and now you mad? Because he embarrassed you? Come on man, grow some balls. Man up to that.’ It is what it is. You can’t demand a rematch either after a performance like that either. That’s not smart. That’s not gonna sell for sure.”

 This clearly did not go unanswered, as Costa threw a little bit of shade in Rumble’s direction on Twitter, which prompted a response from Johnson. Except he took things up a notch with his reply, burying Borrachinha with a profanity-laced reply, bringing ho the fact that Israel Adesanya humped him after beating him at UFC 253.

“Anthony rumble Johnson shut up moron you even don’t know which weight class you should fight,” said Costa.

“I don’t do the talking back and forth but the last BBC you did that to f–ked your a– at the end DOGGY STYLE 🐶
Now your name is LOOSE BOOTY
You must want missionary next by me?
I respect you but make sure you know your role…
I’m not the 1 kid” responded Johnson.

These were some pretty agressive and crude comments from Anthony Johnson. Given the difference in weight class, this is a strange fight to consider. On the other hand, Paulo Costa cuts a ton of weight, so a potential move up is not that far out of question.

Do you think Anthony Johnson went too far with his remarks to Paulo Costa?

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