Another politician compares MMA to ‘human cockfighting’

It’s a little hard to decipher a Japanese website that translated a French interview, and then combine all of it and translate it to English at 5:30am while doing other stuff that I will not mention to the enormous amount of people that will read this article today. One small observation that I can make about this story is that it’s always striking to see a woman with a blackbelt. For a guy, you always have to go against what your parents hammered in your head when you were a kid about not hitting a woman and create some incredibly ignorant hypothetical scenario that will ultimately pit you and a chick with a blackbelt inside a cage. It’s time to look yourself in the mirror and sincerely ask yourself: ‘Can I beat Megumi Fujii in a fight?’. It’s a legitimate question that must be posed throughout your lifetime. Will a 125lb woman with an incredible amount of fighting experience beat a 200lb guy that spends his leisure time watching reruns of MythBusters? Actually, it’s a question that only arose after I found this picture of France’s Sports Minister, Chantal Jouanno, rocking a blackbelt around a gi that one can only assume she owns. Much like the girl I met at the bar in The Viper Room this week, looks can definitely be deceiving. Chantal Jouanno vehemently hates MMA and in this interview, if it were up to her (which it essentially is) MMA will never be legal in France.

“I want MMA to never be legalized, MMA does not convey the sporting spirit of martial arts and contradicts the morals of the sport. For me fighting is a sport and MMA disrupts these things and [it’s only used to] wager money. Legalizing mixed martial arts is the same thing [as] allowing cockfighting.”

Don’t worry people, Chantal Jouanno has already said she will have no choice but to legalize MMA in France, but she still thinks that society is going to collapse and men will beat women in domestic disputes — which, in a roundabout way, brings us back to the original question. Can you really defeat Megumi Fujii in a fight? Seriously, think about this for a while before shouting an answer in your bedroom to yourself. [Source]

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