Another day, another Dana…in the UK

I would imagine with Dana White being in the UK for a few days now, he’s already met the guy that hangs out in the corner of the Victoria train station right next to the subway. Dude wears white alligator skin boots with a matching white suit and if you ask him politely, he will go into his back pocket and show you a chart of how the US military filled B-52 bombers full of AIDS/HIV and dropped it on various countries. He also claims the Annunaki are coming back to earth and the HIV is a genetic mutation that will change the entire human race into aliens. I know this because he told me one night while I passed out balloons on the street of London (it was a pretty screwed up time in my life). I thought this guy was a visionary but in retrospect…maybe just really hated white alligators. Check out Dana White’s most recent video blog right before the bangemite fest that is UFC 105. [Source



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