Angela Hill & Jessica Penne Absolutely Crush Final Fantasy VII Cosplay for San Diego Comic Con

Angela Hill has always been known for her terrific cosplay, but this year for San Diego Comic Con, “Overkill” out did herself.

Along with fellow Alliance MMA teammates Jessica Penne and Paulina Granados, the San Diego based gym stormed SDCC was an incredible team cosplay.

Angela Hill is leading a crew that looks ready to storm Midgar.

With Angela Hill as Barrett Wallace, Jessica Penne as Tifa Lockhart, Paulina Granados as Yuffie Kisaragi, and Sydney Frank as Cloud Strife as more bad ass Final Fantasy squad has never been assembled. Even though they are missing Dominick Cruz as Aerith Gainsborough, this has to be one of the coolest Final Fantasy VII cosplays I’ve ever seen.

Bravo to Angela and the ladies of Alliance for doing right by video game culture on reg. Hats off.


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