Andrei Arlovski talks to us about being back in the UFC, and ***holes that say he has a glass jaw

This interview got off to a rough start and I’m not sure if it ever really was recovered. I wanted to tell Andrei that I thought it was ridiculous that people thought he had a glass chin, but even mentioning those two words in that order around Andrei Arlovski wakes the dragon in a very scary way. It’s a lesson to be learned for everyone, I suppose. Luckily I got the interview somewhat back on the rails, but the normally gentle Andrei was clearly a bit aggravated at the glass jaw question. I was flustered, and in the end, I forgot to ask him about his dog. Damn it.

With his rematch against Bigfoot Silva on the horizon, I was still able to get a few good questions to Andrei, and these are his answers. Enjoy.

Hey Andrei. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time and I just wanted to say that looking back over 15 years of your career, people saying you have a glass chin are just…

Bullshit. Next question. I fight soon and people want to talk about glass chin. I fought Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson even though he broke my jaw in two places so fucking asshole falls asleep at the gong. The talk about a glass jaw? C’mon, I fought 2 and a half rounds with broken jaw. What do you mean, glass jaw?

No, no, no! I agree with you! For the heavyweight division I think you have a fine chin, and I was disagreeing with the people that say that.

Thank you Jason. You can tell those guys, ‘go fuck yourself.’

Since you’re rematching Bigfoot, would you be down for any other rematches? Roy Nelson perhaps?

Of course. Anybody who whooped my ass, I want to fight. I won that fight against Roy Nelson but we can fight again in the UFC.

How is your relationship with your teammates at Jackson’s?

I get along with all my teammates. I had the opportunity to come to Jackson’s to get better an that’s it, it’s simple. Sometimes the whole team goes to UFC fights together. I would say my biggest friend Travis Browne. Travis Browne and little John Dodson.

You fought Anthony Johnson, and now he’s pushing towards your teammate, Jon Jones for a possible title shot. How do you think he would do against Bones?

Of course Jon Jones. No problem.

If you could fight anyone in history, regardless of weight class, who would it be?

Anyone who whipped my ass in the past.

It seems like you’re more driven than ever before.

I’m serious I became a more responsible person and I care more now than when I was 25 you know? I have great teammates and a great place to train so most important I have great coach. I’m getting my boxing coach from Russia, so I’m in a good place now I’m very excited.

Why do you think you were so nervous coming back to the UFC.

Everything I do led up to the UFC. I felt no pressure until I stepped into the Octagon, and for some reason I stepped in and my legs started shaking. I looked at the tape with Coach Jackson and I just looked lost, I didn’t know where I was. Where am I? I don’t know.

Do you think you’ll feel that way against Bigfoot?

I hope not. I don’t know. Right now I feel okay and I’ll have my teammates and coaches with me and he says he wants to finish me so fuck him. I have good sparring, good workout. I don’t know. I hope to show up for a good fight.

Now that you’re fighting in Brazil, would you ever be interested in fighting in any other cards that the UFC holds around the world? UFC in Japan or perhaps even Russia?

Uh, yeah. I don’t know about Russia with the politics right now, I don’t know if the UFC will be going there right now, but why not? Why not.

Who is your favorite training partner at Jackson’s?

Eh, whoever is in the gym. Right now we have Jon Jones and Overeem and I work with them. I like. It’s okay for me because I’m enjoying and working on my skills that I want to work on even more like jiu jitsu, but sometimes boxing.

Like you said Alistair Overeem is in your camp right now, but would you ever consider fighting him? That would be a great fight.

As I said I never pick my opponent and yes I would. As long as they are okay with that fight, yeah I will fight him. It’s nothing personal it’s a business, I have no problem with that.

Bigfoot Silva, as you know, used TRT in a few of his previous fights. What are your feelings on TRT?

I don’t care, I can’t control what they put in their body. It’s up to the commission and if they’re not strong enough and they have to take some stuff then we’ll see.

Anyone you’d like to thank, Andrei?

Yes, I’d like to thank my sponsors  MateFitWellskor1LAW.
Published on August 12, 2014 at 7:43 pm
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