Andrea Lee Says Husband Might Cover Nazi Tattoos After Backlash

After news broke of UFC flyweight Andrea Lee’s husband sporting racist and anti-semetic tattoos, the resulting backlash has forced Lee and her husband to consider acquiescing to demands that the tattoos be covered.

Lee and her husband Donny Aaron initially dismissed the vitriol, claiming they were old “prison tattoos” that don’t define who Aaron is today. While the two attempted to distance themselves from it, the situation wouldn’t go away, and fight fans rightfully held them accountable.

Lee’s husband expressed reluctance to cover the racist tattoos, but now his UFC flyweight wife is walking that talk back in an effort to quell the naysayers during a recent episode of the Slip ‘n Dip podcast on Monday:

“I took a picture with my husband and he has some embarrassing tattoos. He has a swastika on his arm. He’s normally careful about posting pictures but he posted our lake pictures on Twitter and people zoomed in on his tattoos and saw the swastika and they started commenting and posting hateful stuff. He saw it immediately and he was upset and I saw it and everybody was turning on me because he’s my husband and I’m standing next to him so obviously I must be a racist and a Nazi.

“When I met Donny, I asked him about the tattoos because I was curious as well and he told me his story and he was talking about how he changed. I even asked him why wouldn’t you cover them up? I felt the same way. Maybe you should cover them up but he says that it looks terrible already and it would just make it worse. I don’t know. I can’t make him do it. I can’t make him throw something on there.”

Lee has continued to distance herself from her husband’s Nazi-related ink. Aaron sports a swastika as well as the SS symbol, complete with a Confederate flag background.

Lee insists that she’s doing everything in her power to have Aaron cover up the racist ink and to convince him that anything is better than what he already has:

“Actually, him and I just had the talk earlier. We were discussing it, trying to find someone who could cover it up and maybe make it look good, make it not look trashier than it already is. We’re gonna talk about it and see what happens.”

As for Lee’s job, the UFC flyweight didn’t seem too worried about her husband’s tattoos affecting her spot on the UFC roster. Lots of UFC fighters and their significant others have tattoos, but racist ink may not jive with the UFC considering the ESPN deal is just about to go into effect. With that in mind, Lee says she did talk to her employer to “smooth things over” since the story broke last week:

“The UFC, we’ve talked to them to get everything smoothed over as well so I’m not gonna get cut, guys. I don’t see why they should cut me over someone else’s – I was like 12 when he got those tattoos. I didn’t even know who he was then and when I came into the picture he was a completely changed person he just has it on his body still there.”

What do you think about Lee’s husband’s tattoos? Should Lee be held accountable for her husband’s ink?

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